What Is Ayurveda?

What is Ayurveda?

Discover Yourself Through Diet, Lifestyle, Movement & Herbs


Ayurveda, the “sister science” of yoga, is a healing method rooted in holistic nature.

I like to think of Ayurveda and yoga just different branches of the same tree.


The Ayurveda lifestyle is becoming more and more popular on this side of the sphere; I really think that attributes to the growing interest in yoga, and people wanting the true understanding. At least for me, my thriving interest is just that. I want to understand TRUE yoga. I want to understand what’s behind the modernized ideas of that pretty four letter word. I want to feel yoga in and through every single day in my life. I know the liberation and joy this brings into my life, and I’m overjoyed to be able bring holistic health to my clients, friends and family in this unique way.


If you know me or have ever followed my journey you know how much I love this big ole rock we are wandering on. I’ve come to truly understand that we are so closely connected to Mother Earth-we are intertwined. It gives me goosebumps just typing that out. Ayurveda emphasizes on the knowing that the closer one is to nature, the closer one is to themselves & good health. So.. the further you wander from nature, the more disease in the mind and body, and the more the suffering-to any extent.


Ayurveda, in Sanskrit, means “the knowledge of life.”


To be the best version of yourself, you need to understand yourself. Right now, I want you to think of what fuels you...what makes you happy...what drains your energy...how certain movement feel within your body, and so forth. By implementing Ayurvedic techniques, routines and rituals, one can balance and nourish their body, and align with nature's rhythms. We do so through diet, lifestyle, and herbs.


In today’s world, there are CONSTANT stressors- environmental toxins, processed foods, chemicals in our food, in our beauty products, cleaning products and even baby soap. Even the air we breath in some areas is toxic. Not to mention many people live in fear and are stagnant, settling for less than they deserve. And then are our own inner stressors, like trapped emotions and unresolved trauma, C-PTSD, PTSD, Addictions, Mental Disorders. Of course, when attempting to “digest” it all, we then accumulate toxicity.. Which builds up in our machine system, ultimately compromising our health. This is where most disease is rooted from.

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