My name is Amalia May, the founder of Come Alive Herbals.


 I started this business with the manifestation to bring natural products for those on the path to the most vibrant, healthful life. It's my greatest wish for you to feel the abundant magic of being alive - in tune with yourself & nature. 

I've shared my story through social media with the intention to inspire others to tend and honor their bodies with the utmost care, connection and respect to our beautiful Mother Earth.

I come from a long line of medicine women. My ancestors, mother, aunts, and sisters are my greatest teachers in life. They have shown me that the most powerful medicine is to walk through the world with gratitude; Love, Generosity and Intention is our guide.

With their positive influence, I am following my dharma of inspiring freedom through mind-body connection to our Earth.

The practice of Massage Therapy, Yoga & Ayurveda has brought SO much awareness to the beauty of our uniqueness.

On a quest to share nature's medicine and true yogic lifestyle, Come Alive Herbals was born.  CAH is a cultivation of love for sharing this liberation I have felt for myself. I draw inspiration for my company as I travel full time. Living in a van has given me the opportunity to deeply know myself and listen to its  whispers beyond the chaos of everyday life.

This company was started to share what I have learned and implemented into my life. Come Alive wouldn't be where it's at without you.  I have an overflowing amount of gratitude to your love along the way. The support I have felt from this community we are cultivating has been so inspiring. 

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