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By Amalia May

The Traveling Herbal Shop

Crafting Herbal Love Around The Country

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Connecting Self to Nature's Rhythms

Yoga & Ayurveda

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Sacred Woman

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Infused Body Oils

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Crafting herbal love around the U.S.

Living in a home on wheels has shown me just how connected the human spirit is to Earth.

Creating these Ayurveda inspired herbal infusions fills me with so much Love and Passion.

Find us at farmers markets & events in your area, or add us on Instagram to follow the adventure!

The Manifesto

Within every human, there lies a place of perfect balance, being free from pain, disease & stress. The good news is- we’re actually a lot closer to balance and good health than we think. We do this by connecting our inner nature to our external nature.

Branches from the same tree

Ayurveda & Yoga

Ayurveda, the “sister science” of yoga, is a healing method rooted in holistic nature. By implementing Ayurvedic techniques, herbs, routines and rituals, one can balance and nourish their body, and align with nature's rhythms. Through Ayurveda, we will find the connection between our inner nature and outer nature.

Look down at your body and whisper...There is no home like you.

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